Free UK shipping on every order!

Free UK shipping on every order!

1/4 Gold Curved Thinning Scissors


Introducing Blossoms 1/4 gold reversible curved thinning scissor.

7" total length


440 Japanese steel

Level 3 scissors

66 grams

Laser engraved


Typically dispatched within 24 hours

Free Pink Inserts
Free Scissor Wallet
Free UK Shipping

Free soft, rubber inserts included
For comfortable, all-day scissoring.



Introducing the Blossom Scissors Slightly Curved 1/4 Gold-Colored Reversible Thinning Scissor. This stunning scissor features a slight curve and a striking 1/4 gold-coloured finish, providing a smooth cutting action that effortlessly glides through the coat of any pet. The Blossom Scissors Thinner, equipped with 61 teeth, is perfect for precisely removing just the right amount of hair/fur, avoiding excessive thinning or bulkiness. This scissor is fully reversible, allowing you to effortlessly switch between a downward curve and an upward curve. This unique feature enables you to achieve a beautifully balanced finish without requiring any double-jointed capabilities. We are confident that this amazing scissor will exceed your expectations.

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cutting-edge technology

All Blossom Scissors are manufactured using premium, cutting-edge Japanese 440 Stainless Steel. Making these scissors incredibly durable and improve their sharpness longevity.

At Blossom Scissors, we know how important it is as a customer to not only get your scissors quickly but also in the most affordable way possible. That's why we ensure every order over £100 are sent absolutely free of charge using Royal Mail. And only charge £6 for standard shipping.

Free inserts

Free scissors inserts

Our inserts are included free of charge with every pair of Blossom pet grooming scissors. With their soft, rubber material, it ensures to keep you scissoring all day long in absolute comfort.

Free wallet

Free scissor wallet

We included a free wallet with every pair of Blossom pet grooming scissors. This ensures you can fully protect your scissors when not in use.

These scissors will not only retain their sharpness, but help to achieve a first-class professional cut every single time.

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